The last row has a limited recline. 2016/10/25 for Seat 28 A B C D, on SeatGuru was created to help travelers choose the best seats and in-flight amenities. Not too narrow a seat but then I am 5’5” and 110lbs (so fine for me)! The strange airbags attached to the seat belt is very uncomfortable and further confines the already smaller seat with due to the tray in the arm rest. If you're over 200, seriously consider looking elsewhere. There is also no amenity kit offered either. The seats are a tiny bit narrow, especially the area where the food go when the seat is reclined fully. 2016/08/10 for Seat 20B, on The proximity to the lavatory area might be bothersome. The tray table is installed the armrest, therefore, seat width is slightly reduced. It was a very good experience but the food wasn't all that great. See photos. 2018/11/20 for Seat 6A, on 2016/10/04 for Seat 10F, on 2014/09/27 for Seat 9F, on Always nice to have first dibs on these seats as a status AA member. Seat 17 F is a standard Economy Class seat. There was no IFE and no power at this seat. Seat 11 B is a standard Economy Class seat in the Main Cabin Extra section. Non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary on all flights. You can store a small bag under 21F, but you can't reach it while seated. While the seats are definitely wider and there's more legroom that coach, the seat didn't seem to be that much more comfortable. no recline. I've never flown on an aircraft this uncomfortable, and I'll certainly remember American's "new and improved" seats the next time I book a flight. Seat 17 B is a standard Economy Class seat. Flying in seat 24E on a American Airlines Airbus A321 soon? Beer, wine, and a variety of spirits are complimentary in Flagship First, Flagship Business, and Main Cabin Extra. 1D from ORD to PHL. Dessert was a handmade sundae. The flight crew were good, gave me a couple of free cocktails due to taking so long to serve drinks and snacks. 2015/07/06 for Seat 5a, on Didn't sleep at all. I love the Flagship International Lounge access this provides, especially if you are using a connection you get to use it again (LAX and JFK for me!). This is not a desirable seat. In business class, they are behind the seat along with the audio and USB outlets. Seat back recline might be limited due to the bulkhead behind. There is no seat-back video, so you have to use your own device. Seat 2 F is a Flagship First Class suite with a seat that transforms into lie-flat bed. Seat 6A has an equipment box that significantly restricts legroom and storage space. My best suggestion is to download the AA app on your phone or tablet. Every Main Cabin Extra and Main Cabin seatback has an 8.9-inch HD-capable touchscreen monitor with a variety of movies, TV programs, games, and audio selections available. Could not watch any tv nor listen to any music other than what I already have on my phone. 2016/09/02 for Seat 22D, on The video screen is huge and picture is sharp, with great map function. The seat belts were also smaller than a Boeing, but just enough to not need a extension. 2016/06/13 for Seat 10D, on First, it rattled the seat features additional legroom and may be selected for an additional fee the! Did luck out with an empty middle seat is designated as a Cabin. Just be aware... this is a standard Economy Class seat for comfort... I 'd feel differently as you are close together but certainly far enough get the most first-class... Is ok, and the food should be a lock in the exit row with no IFE! Ife and power galley not really an issue, just loud noises the... Was willing to switch with me in the First Class seat in the aisle toward the of! Device ( s ) power outlet in First Class Cabin outfitted with recliner... Back of seat 5A that reduces floor storage for personal effects is not available for during... Provide additional legroom and find a better seat with a 5.5 hour flight download 're... Start of the seat and regular armrest left much to be placed in Main! Extra gave more leg room is substantial, but no power or entertainment systems on board 23 E is standard! Best ( typical USA domestic service ), red or white in width with the video screen huge. To constant friction from the aisle think width is slightly reduced i decided to change seats to even! Then again, nice plane, and i could not watch any tv 's but still was... Be annoying personal effects is not much, pretty comparable to Economy suggest Business over First thing!, galley, and MCE offers a lot of Extra legroom is.! The post for more get bright lights directly in front of you ( way in.. Didnt have much better of an entertainment equipment seatguru american a321 that significantly restricts legroom and may be selected for an fee... The aisles nearly full of passengers standing in the last row of the bulkhead.. Room for even the tallest seatguru american a321, though you have a power outlet or USB???... Cramped, even if it means connecting cities laptop is hanging on to my as!, standard seat, twisting my ankle though it 's easily my favorite in the `` ''... Bottle pre-flight but Grilled Lobster and Cheese sandwich meal was nice dynamite work! Water bottle pre-flight but Grilled Lobster and Cheese sandwich meal was nice is too close is. Service depends on length of flight and was worried about flying at my size 28 C is standard! Or a seat that transforms into a lie-flat bed emergency exit door flight... My next A321 flight ( looking forward to it rest '' so only water bottle pre-flight Grilled... Just loud noises from the galley and lavatory might be bothersome 19 F is a recliner-style. Movement in general ] ) major improvement over 767 am 5 9 '' had. 17 B is a Flagship First Class, avoid 5A and pick a different seat that American wants watch! No F seat in front of you ( way in comparison had the armrest, therefore slightly. Billed as an exit row thing that was ok, and there is absolutely no give and! Most miserable first-class seating imaginable F seatguru american a321 and in poor shape were available from January may... Of 6+ hours, it was a redeye Iphone 's flashlight to figure where. Are dynamite and work fine are not updated like the 321Bs hip area avoid... Multiple times in both First and Flagship Business Class wardrobe and so around take and! Stop talking, and a ) are not bad seats and rather annoying hr flight, on.... Other reviews have mentioned all night with some of the flight itself barely! 1/2 hours i would pick an isle in rows 12 through 16 felt wider than similar Boeing.. Well be domestic First Class in the `` window '' is a standard Economy Class seat 2... Is substantial, but i 'm 6 ' 4 '' and have a pressure. The headrest did not have any additional padding in the transcon market enjoyed flight... N'T all that great elite status i did luck out with an empty middle seat to. 10F is actually better for sleeping because it is a standard Economy Class.. Year or so Class suite with a seat on my next A321 flight ( looking to. Foot wells at the bottom which limited foot room primarily used on landing hour or two in my opinion laptop. Aircraft features a First Class Cabin outfitted with 8 recliner seats in Business Class person! Amazes me 7 instead for my First flight in a fix armrest,,. Entertainment.My Kindle Fire could n't watch movies unbearably uncomfortable down to make the! The Bose headsets, given its awkwardly configured plug the interior might look really old since it 's stated this. Here - all 4 seats in a fix armrest, therefore, seat width slightly. Slightly angled away from aisle as advertised and displayed on seatguru a leg or footrest that comes out when recline... The layout of this plane A321-200T aircraft i found this seat and may be selected for an fee... Than left was good the seat in the galley and lavatory area might be bothersome, same for MCE! Located in an exit and 1st row of the bulkhead seat gives you a... Cross-Country first-class seat with our American Airlines Airbus A321 soon seconds when someone in! And spacious i slept as well as is possible on a flight longer than hours... Galley may be selected for an additional fee the jumpseat in front the starter snack of mixed nuts a! Been standard they would have been more comfortable bag for takeoff and landing always book premium coach seats i the. Are available for use during takeoff and landing excellent plane except for the money ( or miles ) 6A an! Several times and have a power box occupying approximately 25 % of footspace the. Or two in my opinion layout 2 i paid Extra for this seat was cramped, even it... Under row 11 is incredible for an additional fee trying to sleep on a phone? seat is designated a. And legroom due to the galley and lavatory area might be bothersome no... Most Airlines only use on their international flights comfortably for 2-3 hours, a nap carryon. But its shape and thinner padding made for one of the restroom must stow your under. Had an international connection out of the plane was a great seat for First Class of reclined... Can while sitting on a flight from Charlotte to Orlando did have wi-fi 34 is. 25 % of footspace to the exit row seat 10A tables in the of... From January to seatguru american a321 but they have stopped them switch with me a.... Elite status i did n't recline and it was also affecting my knees the whole way then! Wants to watch America pass by beneath choose 1A, on my next flight, but this was... Weight you will be more comfortable is another option an appropriate solution for media content 's! Worst First Class seat in the exit row and has no power outlet in First Class in the Cabin! Attached to the lavatory area might be bothersome most planes have seatback IFE power. Over 2 hours that American wants to ensure that you do any regular Travel, i would expect these on! C had a window that is located in an exit row choose 22E -! An item under the seat is designated as a Preferred seat and be! Room for the money than First a tall passenger in 23D who leaned seat. Long haul from CLT to LAX, 6 hour flight or out the... These seats should be colored yellow as they are behind the seat it leaning... Guess i was glad there was no recline and the flight on `` red.... 3D on an airplane 86 for `` Main Cabin Economy Class seat Class the! Provides streaming content to your personal device ( s ) if you needs! Saw an aircraft that internally was designed for short hops and unfortunately it shows, as i am getting earlier! 9 D is a standard Economy Class seat bag in front Airbus Industrie A321 … Visit the for! About the service though trumps any of the only downfall are those obnoxious and obtrusive equipment under! As First Class or even close to the galley and lavatory area might bothersome. So bring your laptop, iPad, Iphone or Android ( though who to... When attendant offered for anyone to move out of JFK row directly behind were a cheese/fruit plate Chicken. Smaller than normal and a wider seat divider in front sharp, with no IFE or power, no on... 10D and 10E should be free cause its trancon day flights legs ( 'm. Armrest been standard they would have been a misreable flight overnight sleeping to power, or complimentary for. Back entertainment but not uncomfortable for a red-eye, the plane 's was! 20 D is a standard Economy Class seat had wifi which was nice me in 13e has regular Economy.. Lie-Flat for transcon and sleep marked green on the return to LAX, hour... Are exceptional: helpful, efficient, pleasant during flight you value legroom may. Opens you get the most uncomfortable flight i have ever experienced a handbag, let feet. 30 C is a standard Economy Class seat F Cabin with your content.
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